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“Oh, the twerks of being a writer- literary tweaking.” To use a famous philosopher’s words: “I get knocked down But I get up again..” (…Or then again, was that Chumbawamba?) Writing a novel is hard. It’s scary. On a par with having children, with slight variations. Creating a baby takes timing, similar to the Goldilocks […]

Black hole choking on stardust

Reassured By A Black Hole Choking On Stardust

There is something very grounding and reassuring about the recent discovery of a black hole choking on stardust. http://news.mit.edu/2017/black-hole-choking-stardust-0315 “In essence, this black hole has not had much to feed on for a while, and suddenly along comes an unlucky star full of matter,” says Dheeraj Pasham, the paper’s first author and a postdoc in […]

“Besides the lies and the mud slinging. is there anything she’s done to personally upset you?”

“Besides the lies and the mud slinging, is there anything she’s done to personally upset you?”

I had the pleasure and the misfortune of watching a few episodes of “The Housewives of…” just recently. It was unavoidable as I had promised my daughter that I would be her hairdresser that day and she had the remote for the Zombie box and it was her chosen poison that morning. It became a […]

How Do I Own Thee? Let Me Count The Proprietorial Ways

How Do I Own Thee? Let Me Count The Proprietorial Ways.

‘My name is Kaminicha.’ ‘Kami…what? I’m going to call you Kam.’ Casting a nickname onto someone or attempting to shorten another person’s name without their consent can certainly be seen as a proprietorial act, along with other behaviours involving subtle or not so subtle body movements such as placing an uninvited arm around the back […]

Politeness a Very British Affair

Politeness- A Very British Affair. Skilbey Blogs

You know the story. You are about to purchase something. Let’s stick to food as an example. This is where the heinous act is usually committed. You buy food. Let’s call it Yum. You buy a little extra than is necessary. You know ‘X’ likes it. There’s enough for seconds. You get back and ‘X’ […]

Halloween Tale

No Deja-Boo! And No Sight Of A Clown Either. Skilbey Blogs

Do you tire giving treats after the tenth witch? Or have you never lost your sense of the Deja-Boo? Halloween greetings. I bring you a true tale without witches, ghosts, ghouls,  zombies or demons or anything dripping with blood. And there’s no sign of  New Age Clowns either. They, quite frankly, deserve to be treated with a […]

Canned laughter should be kept there- in the can

Canned Laughter Should Be Kept There- In The Can. Skilbey Blogs

…then placed in a sack weighed down with the heaviest shit you can find then dropped at sea… Trouble is…canned products are reputed to be- quality wise- as good as they were when they first went in… Only after reading the compelling book  Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion by Robert B Cialdini many, many years […]

Why aren’t libraries open on a Sunday?

Why aren’t libraries open on a Sunday? Skilbey Blogs

Leave aside the budget cuts for now. We are all aware that there is a systematic culling of  UK libraries wherever local governments can get away with it, and surviving library casualties placed through the mangle have had their opening times slashed. Our cultural services are guilty of a kind of sacrilege and libraries have […]

Is there really a dark side to yoga?

Is there really a dark side to yoga? Skilbey Blogs

I was having a conversation with someone just over a week ago about energy; the good and bad and the ugly energies floating around in the world and the name Gabriel Amroth came up. Back at base, I Googled him. He is  was the world’s most famous Italian Exorcist, working on behalf of the Vatican. He’s […]

A writer's memories of a random, scatty pleasurable moment.

A writer’s memories of a random, scatty, pleasurable moment. Skilbey Blogs

About ten years ago I was in Coram’s Fields in the heart of London. It’s a seven-acre park with playgrounds suitable for every child between toddler and sixteen years. You are not allowed to enter without being accompanied by a child. They treat play very seriously. My children at that time were of primary school age. […]

What a way to start your writing day

What a way to start your writing day! Skilbey Blogs

Laughter-based exercise program has health benefits, study finds. And as a writer, I can’t think of a better way to start the day. Research at Georgia State University has found that older people placed on an exercise program that incorporated playful simulated laughter into its routine, felt healthier. This simulated laughter first allows you to […]

Giving thanks to the careers adviser.

Giving thanks to careers advisers. Skilbey Blogs

  Tuning into the radio recently, I listened to a mother’s phone-in, wishing her grown up son a happy birthday. She also touched upon his successful career and how he “had proven his careers adviser wrong”. It was then, that a faint red mist began to form around me. I think careers advisers should be […]

Dribbling strangers and the Zeno effect

Dribbling on strangers and the ‘Zeno effect’. Skilbey Blogs

Are you the dribbler or the dribbled on? It’s been witnessed numerous times and experienced first hand by many; a stranger dribbling on the shoulder of another stranger on a train. And the speed at which the shut-eye, static and upright, slips 80 degrees due east or west, before rapidly descending is funny to watch. […]

Strategy cards for inspiration?

Oblique Strategy Cards For Writing Inspiration? Skilbey Blogs

Oblique Strategy Cards For Writing Inspiration? Stuck in a rut creatively? Have you exhausted all techniques advised by the great and the good? Or perhaps you’re faced with a dilemma with no clear path to take? Have you tried looking at some Oblique Strategy cards? It could be useful. I say ‘could be’, as I […]

Sunday Dinner at Jim Haynes

Sunday Dinner at Jim Haynes’s is still going strong. Skilbey Blogs.

Sunday Dinner in Paris? I’ll rewind a little. Something caught my eye just recently. On a notice board in a neighbouring town from where I live. It  must have raised an eyebrow or two. A couple was inviting local residents over to their house to enjoy an evening meal with them. They explained that they […]

Harry Potter Goes Spectacularly Beyond Binary. Skilbey Blogs

Harry Potter And The Cursed Child Goes Spectacularly Beyond Binary. Skilbey Blogs.

This is not a spoiler. My youngest and I were fortunate enough to get preview tickets to see The Cursed Child last Wednesday. Part one, 2pm and Part Two, 7pm. A Potter Fest, you could say. A master class in kick-ass theatre and in marrying the fantastic with the real world. Lightning needs to find […]